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03:37pm 11/09/2005
  its been a while since i have been on livejournal but monica just reminded me that i have one and i waz like holy shiot i have a livejournal also on the side besides the myspace so's i spent like all day trying to remember my screenname and my password as i try to keep them the same as ever but all of them were taken too so i had to come up with shit right on the spot and i know i havce like no punctuation on this post but i dont care im just typing really really really fast and not bothering to stop so there is no time for punctuation so i will here thanjk monica openly for reminding me and i will try to set it up so i can make it look all pimped out and not gray and dull as hell. i wont change the ferrets tho. the ferrets stay. forever. ooo look that was like my forth punctuation mark. 5th! exclamation points count so that is six  
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02:34pm 23/04/2005
mood: angry
O.k. so anyone that knows me knows that my mother, a 44 year old latina lesbian, met up with a 46 year old jewish lesbian in province town and now they are both on my ass to become the perfect scholar and whatnot. ive looked it up and the extremes they are going to is officially non physical child abuse. i am not allowed on ccomputers but since i happen to follow the puerto rican steriotype so well i snuck a computer from the basement all the way up the stairs to my room.if i dont answer my emails or messages,that means i cant reach a computer. if i dont instantly accept u as a friend, either i know u and hate u (not likely) or... u guessed it. no computer access. if u wanna reach me outside of myspace ive got some lame accounts on xanga and myspace both by the name of "Flamesofheart". on myspace u can try Tormenting Flames my aol is psychogamer04@aol.com this includes AIM.my yahoo is arlendejesus@yahoo.com and this of course includes messenger. any other forms of contacting me are gonna be traced back to the source and i willget even more severe punishment so stick to the mails and such things. ill try to talk to SOMEONE eventually if i can sneak a phone call. worse than jail in here. eh.least i can bend to pick up the soap O_o......i hope X.X
im kewl. take dat!   
11:52pm 08/04/2005
mood: accomplished
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beware -_-   
11:51pm 08/04/2005
mood: annoyed
Flamesofheart is radioactive. Wear protective clothing at all times.

i am icecream!   
11:50pm 08/04/2005
mood: hungry
Your Icecream Flavour is...Neopolitan!
11:39pm 08/04/2005
mood: ecstatic

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10:42pm 06/04/2005
mood: scared
monica aka babyangel is a stalker! thats right monica i said it =P
i mention i had a myspace account and she found it. and my xanga account. im scared!
i c a ring. before u die u see the ring... damn it!
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11:29pm 04/04/2005
mood: cheerful
i just learned how to fix up my myspace profile. now it looks all kewl =P
but i still dont know wtf to do here...hmm... im sure ill figure it out eventually =D
::hint hint:: I NEED HELP DECORATING!!! >.
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06:59pm 02/04/2005
  i just made an account with myspace. i prolly wont use it. and my friend teh evil bushido blade kitty of doom shall b watching the livejournal most likely so i must bware -_-

aaaand i lost my train of thought. oh vell.
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08:17pm 01/04/2005
mood: energetic
first off hats off to my friend monica for showing me the site. *cheer* second. i have no ideas watsoever O.o

ill prolly wake up in a cold sweat at like 5 am with something to write but until then im drawin a blank =P
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